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I work in Scotland as a freelancer in science engagement, with over six years experience science festivals, including researching, writing and presenting content often focused on the natural world. With a background in biology and performance I have a lot of experience in creating and delivering workshops, podcasts, educational resources and online content, as well as experimenting with telling science stories through theatre, film, photography and social media. This is a space to find out about my current work, to look at some previous content creation and to find out if you want to work together. Collaboration is my bag, so please get in touch if you are interested in working together! 

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I am currently working on the musical, The Mould that Changed the Worldas a science engagement manager, creating legacy projects for the show that tell the story of antimicrobial resistance. This includes a new podcast and teaching resources. I am also writing a new show for Generation Scienceto go on tour in 2024 and have developed videos for the Coastal Communities Network and Scottish Storytelling Festival based on nature stories and grass roots conservation work.

The coastal communities network

The Coastal Communities Network is an amazing set of groups that do bottom up marine conservation all around Scotland. I was invited to their biannual meeting to take help celebrate their first ten years by creating a video of their work.

science theatre - ThE Mould

The Mould that Changed the World is a musical about Alexander Fleming and the very real crisis of antimicrobial resistance. We went on tour at the end of 2022 and are refreshing the show and learning resources to go back on tour again in 2024. You can read our New York Times article here

COMMUnity engagement

I recently worked with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to engage with various community groups in Edinburgh and explore our connection to urban green spaces. The project culminated in a short film where participants over sixty talked about what had changed in their lifetime and the importance of intergenerational communication. 

podcast - seagazing

The first series of SeaGazing, a podcast about marine conservation and community in Scotland is online and on your favourite podcast apps.

workshop - WILD VETS

Watch me in action leading a workshop I wrote for Edinburgh Science on rewildling in Scotland.

presenter - beavers and birds 

I took part in the Earth Live Lessons series on YouTube with Lizzie Daly, talking about wildlife and conservation in Scotland. Check it out here.


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