Graham was born and bred in Belfast but has spent most of his last few years in Scotland studying, and eating haggis. He has studied a range of subjects including Biology and French at the University of St Andrews and Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


His passion is communication, be that from the stage, in the classroom or online. He believes in the power of arts and science to challenge and excite, and loves to bring that collaboration into his work. Currently, he works for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, as a science communicator, and a freelance performer and filmmaker, but also has experience in teaching, writing and speaking in the third person.


If you see anything you like on the website, please get in touch because Graham likes to meet fun and creative people.* There are also little buttons that allow you to look at his photos and read his short sentences on the social media.

*Less fun people are also welcome if they bring cake or offers of work.

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