I've worked with and had a lot of support from a few great people over the years. Take a look at their websites and make friends with them too.

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Charades Theatre - Theatre company working in the world of education, science, and musicals.

Nicolette Macleod - A singer/songwriter/theatre practictioner based in Glasgow and making some excellent work.

Peter Weigold - A composer and musical director based in London, working with musicians, actors and improvisers.

Charlie V Martin - London-based Scottish comedian, writer and actor.

Brite Theatre - An independent theatre group founded by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir, based in Edinburgh, and focused on producing non-traditional theatre pieces.

Blind Mirth - A improvisational comedy group from St Andrews who make yearly appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Showstoppers Zambia - A annual concert in Lusaka bringing musical theatre artists to Zambia to raise money for various local charities.


Andy's Top of the Tree - Extracts from the life and mind of a Rock 'n Roll Conservationist.

Saphara - An educational charity based in Northern Ireland working with underprivileged communities in Northern India.

Scottish Wildcat Action - An important group implementing a five-year plan to conserve the Scottish Wildcat.

Science Ceilidh - A group playing right at the frontier of science communication blending traditional Scots music and fascinating scientific concepts.

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