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Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery - Review

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Glittery Clittery

Assembly Roxy


I texted a few friends to say that I was going to a cabaret called Glittery Clittery and ask if they wanted to come. Someone texted back asking what the cabaret was about.

At the time I laughed. I assumed it would have been reasonably obvious. But on reflection, he may have been right to ask.

The Fringe Wives Club is a trio of stupidly talented musicians and comedians from Australia. Yes, there were a lot of sexual jokes, yes it had a very pro feminist message and yes it was very entertaining. But the more I think about the night, the more special it is in my memory. They mix the glitter and the style with some real pathos, talking about real issues in an entertaining but not demeaning way.

There is a really inclusive atmosphere in the show, and the performers are both genuine and genuinely funny. There is not much else I can say except that, if this is the sort of show you like, you should definitely go. If it is not the sort of show you normally like or feel put off by the message, then you really should go.

It is an excellent show for the Fringe, but it is also just an excellent show.

No surprise, this show get a 'Special' on my rating system. The first blue tit of the Fringe has been awarded. (See my rating system here)



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