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The Flop - Review

The Flop



How many reviewers are going to use the phrase 'a flop' somehow in their review? I am going to try really hard not to...

This show was anything but a flop (oops). One of my favourite aspects of the Fringe is getting to meet new or innovative theatre companies who work hard to create their own shows. Hijinx Theatre are one of these companies. Every one of their performances is a relaxed show and there is a number of actors with learning difficulties represented equally on stage. It is always sad that this is something we have to take notice of as it is so rare. More of this please!

As a play, the Flop was gloriously weird and entertaining, telling (with full historical accuracy) the farcical and rather sad story of France's former impotence laws. Mix in music, inflatable props, and a giant squirrel costume and you have a good idea of the direction that the show took.

This play showcased the best side of the Fringe. An experimental idea, a simple but clever set and a showcase for great actors. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

As such it receives a great show gannet. If you are confused, as always, my rating system is here.



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