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Lost Seasons - Review

Lost Seasons (Preview)

The Space at Surgeons Hall


Lost Seasons is a beautiful piece of music, violinist Ian Peaston's take on Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I was one of five people to witness the world premiere of the piece, something which is always a little humbling, no matter the quality. I hope the performer was not discouraged by the small audience though, because I think it was a special experience for all of us.

While the Fringe is a place you expect to find fresh and surprising performances, it is rare that you stumble upon them at the first attempt. Far from simply trying to adapt Vivaldi's baroque concerti for solo violin, he came armed with loops and effects to create an electrified sound. The famous themes and ideas were all there and recognisable but he hid them amongst a beautiful soundscape. As a bad violin player myself I normally enjoy watching more skilled performers' techniques but, unlike a lot of the Fringe, this was not a flashy visual show. We were encouraged to simply close our eyes and experience the music in any way we want to.

I can only recommend that you experience the music for yourself. It is not every day that you get to be so close to a very personal performance from a top musician. If representative of what I am going to see at the Fringe, then I will have a very good month indeed.

As such it receives an 'Impressive' Peregrine Falcon rating. If you are confused, you can find my system here.


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