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Space@Surgeon's Hall


Nomad is a show about turning thirty. I just turned thirty. Hello insecurities.

The show was written and performed by Stacey Davenport and charted the life of Laura, a temp worker swallowed up by London and navigating her birthday without her friends or loved ones around her. On a Tuesday. There truly is no worse day to have a birthday.

The play explores the insecurities and disappointments that we experience in everyday life. My personal hook was the struggle between choosing to work in the arts and choosing a job with more stability. Some people will instantly relate to the struggle of moving to London as an outsider, others to remaining in a relationship longer than they should. I really believe that the play has such universal themes that everyone can connect with Laura's story in some way.

Moreover the writing is clever, it is a perfect example of 'show not tell'. The problems that Laura has to deal with are not thrown in your face, they are subtle. She lets you draw your own conclusions and relate them to your life in your own unique way.

However, this play is in no way doom and gloom. It is funny, touching and beautiful. Stacey Davenport is a talented performer with energy and belief in what she is saying. The set is simple but effective, and the addition of computer generated backdrops never overpowers but simply adds to the narrative. The night scape was of London was particularly beautiful and made me think of all the times I had escaped to my own special places outdoors, away from everyone and everything.

Very simply put, this is a play for everyone. It is an all round Fringe package and I hope that they can sell out for their last three performances. Go and support this show, it will be well worth your time.

The show is special and has a subtle, touching intelligence to the writing. It gets a blue tit and a New Caledonian Crow. (Have I just gone mad? Check out my rating system here)




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