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The Myth of the Singular Moment

The Myth of the Singular Moment



I was lucky today. I saw a lot of really good shows, some I expected would be good and some I was surprised by. However I knew the night was over when I went to see 'The Myth of the Singular Moment'. Every Fringe I see at least one special show that touches me completely, that makes me listen to every word and wish there was a rewind button to go back and hear the little details I might have missed. I saw that show last night.

The Myth of the Singular Moment is a story of four voices. The first voice belongs to a man who has nothing left to live for, the second to a man who believes that he does, the third to a mother whale looking trying to protect her calf, and the fourth to a girl with a decision to make.

The best plays in the world have something to say, but many ways to say them. The two performers onstage made me laugh out loud, made me cry, and made me believe that I was personally involved with each plot line. In addition to the storytelling there an astonishingly beautiful soundtrack performed by the talented multi-instrumentalists live on stage.

I admit fully that some of the themes discussed have a very personal edge for me, but I believe that everyone would find something to connect to.

But there are no more words I could write about this play that would express any of the sentiment or joy I felt at watching it. Far better that you go and hear what they have to say instead.

This is a special show, so by my rating it gets a blue tit (what am I talking about?) But moreover it touched me in a way that only a few special plays have done in my lifetime. So what do I use to represent this feeling? A swallow - and if you do not know why, please go and read Oscar Wilde's short story, 'The Happy Prince'. Just do it after you have seen this show.




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