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Synchronised Swimming - The Dry Version - Review

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Sychronised Swimming - The Dry Version

Assembly Rooms - The Blue Room


The Fringe is challenging for everyone, from the new performers to the seasoned professionals. Ursus and Nadeschkin, a famous comedy duo from Switzerland, are not well known in the UK. I have been told that they are used to playing to large audiences, so to uproot and come all the way to the Fringe to perform in their second language inside a large blue box takes guts.

I know that they have been at times disappointed by audience size, so I have a plea to you. Go and watch them. You will not be disappointed.

The duo are an imaginative, zany pair with a chemistry that can only come from working together for many years. From what I can tell, they began doing shows as more traditional clowns (the pictures of young them on their website are adorable). While they have dropped a lot of the physical clowning appearance, you can tell immediately that this is where their origins lie.

The act is beautifully bizarre and split up into a number of different sketches. As with any show like this, some parts hit the mark more than others, although throughout the duo were witty and endearing.

The strength of the pairing lies in their timing. Many of their sketches relied on staying completely in sync either with each other or with some complex sound effects. Highlights included the coffee mime sketch and their skit of 'rearranging' pieces of art. The idea was so simple but executed so perfectly that it might be my favourite five minutes of the Fringe so far.

I know that the sense of humour will not be to everyone's taste, but going along to see the craftsmanship alone is worth it. If anyone is starting out in entertainment and finds it hard to believe in their own ideas, go to this show and be inspired by their professionalism and their talent.

I give this show a gannet. It was just great.




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